5 Tricks to Make Your Web Design SEO Friendly

The ultimate purpose of any business is to earn revenue, and the best way to promote your brand is to make your website visible in the top 10 Google search results.

Since billions of people use search engines every day, it is important for you to make your web design SEO friendly to earn high traffic and high ranking on the results page. The better the SEO strategies used, the more the chances of indexation and good ranks on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

We are happy to share some amazing tricks on how to make your web design SEO friendly.  Whether you do search engine optimization for your website by yourself or plan to hire an SEO company in Mumbai, ensure you follow the simple tips given below. You will be amazed with the results, for sure!

Place Your Keywords Smartly

There is no use of creating a great website if your keywords are not placed smartly. If you want your website to attract the kind of visitors who are looking for what your business offers, you need to place your keywords into your content in a strategic manner.

Additional to using keywords in the pages’ main content, you need to place them in other areas like the page titles, meta description tags, Headings, alt tags, footer links, URLs, etc.

SEO keyword analysis will help you get the statistics of the number of users searching for various keywords, as well as show you where your business stands in the online space.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Web design

These days, social media is integrated into almost marketing campaign. Integrating it into your web design allows users to swiftly navigate social media sites, find out about your company and contact you directly.

When you incorporate social media elements into the design of your website it will also boost your website traffic, and provide your visitors the opportunity to share your content easily. This will not only promote your brand and increase your presence online but will also keep your business healthy and strong in the market.

Optimize Your Images

Google pays much attention to the images while measuring the search engine ranking of your website. Hence, while optimizing the text on the website, do not forget to do the same for the images as well.

When you optimize the images you are assured to bring in more organic traffic via search engine image results.

Create SEO-friendly URL

It’s very important that you have an SEO-friendly URL, as it improves ranking and user experience.

Moreover, if you want the search engines to be able to determine what the page is all about, you need to keep your URL simple, compelling, relevant, straightforward, accurate and meaningful.

For example:

www.example.com/?p=578544  – complex URL for SEO

www.example.com/topic-name  – preferred URL for SEO

Like in the second example above, if you have to separate words in your URL, ensure that you utilize hyphens instead of underscores to do so.

Avoid Too Many Flash Elements

Excess use of flash is very annoying and could divert the users from your website. This could indirectly affect your website ranking.

Moreover, flash is often ignored or devalued by search engines; hence it doesn’t benefit your website’s SEO anyway. So, if you really want to use flash on your website, ensure you use it sparingly and vigilantly.

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