5 Ways To Use Hashtags in Social Media
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The once forgotten character, hashtags have finally made it big in social media. Simple and explosive – hashtags not only increase customer engagement but also provide you an opportunity to increase brand awareness.
Here are 5 ways on how to effectively make use of hashtags in your social media marketing.

1. Choose the Right Keywords
Selecting the right keywords against hashtags is the first and most important step to successful social media advertising. The basic purpose of this hashtag is to simply organize the content and make it easier to find.
If you or your social media service in Mumbai ignores this very first step, the path ahead will be very difficult. Most likely you will only waste your precious time and money.

2. Create a Hashtag To Start a Conversation
Social media is all about communication and advertising that people are compelled to share. And by creating a hashtag that people want to discuss and talk about, you are encouraging an engaging social conversation.
For example, a hashtag like #ILoveWeekendsBecause will get a million and one potential responses like “It gives me time to relax” or “It gives me time to go on a holiday.”
However, ensure the hashtag content aligns with your brand. This engagement will not only develop a relationship between your brand and your customers but will also more broadly extend the reach of the hashtag and the brand.

3. Use Locations
If you run a business that’s specific to certain locations – inform your social media agency in Mumbai to hashtag that particular city or town name to attract more customers.
This will narrow down your targeting and will help you attract customers who are most likely to create a sale.

4. Create A Hashtag For Feedbacks
Social media is a good platform to receive feedbacks and views from your customers. A feedback hashtag like #ThingsThatMatter will not only help you gain responses from various customers but will also help you make improvements in your business according to customer needs.
In addition, this method helps you gain lifelong customers.

5. Don’t Use Hashtags For Everything
Ensure you use maximum of 2-3 hashtags for each post. Use hashtags when it makes sense to use them because social media users are suspicious of businesses trying too hard to promote themselves.
Moreover, including too many hashtags will leave a bad impression that you are spamming your followers.

Spenta Digital Media is one such social media agency in Mumbai that will help you make an impression on a wide social media audience. With all those creative hashtags we help you drive engagement for your content, help you communicate with followers and assist you in attracting new audiences to your brand.
As you can see, hashtags are certainly here to stay. So if you really wish to be on par in this digital world, contact us right now at 022 2482 3030 or visit www.spentadigital.com

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