Checklist for Optimizing Your Google My Business Site

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Google My Business is more important than ever, especially for local businesses. It helps small business to gain visibility in a local search and get ratings from customers.  In addition, GMB displays details like address, phone number, hours of operation and a map showing the direction. This feature makes it simple for customers to trace information about your business online – across all devices.

GMB  plays an important role in increasing your business’s exposure and search traffic. Without GMB your business won’t be appearing on any local map listings in the SERPs, which Google displays for the vast majority of local queries. Therefore it becomes really important for you to optimize your Google My Business site so that you improve your position on the local search engines.

Here we bring to you a checklist for optimizing your Google My Business page. Get started with the following:

       1. Check if the Right Category is Listed for Your Business

This is a common mistake that many businesses make. Getting listed in the wrong category will not only hurt the search rankings but will drastically work against you.

Take a step back and select a category that best describes your business. Also, multiple category listing is a good idea.  However, ensure the main categories represent your business correctly.

       2. Check Your Address is Right

Your business address has to be consistent across Google My Business listing, social media pages, website and any other directory listings.

For example “Rd” and “Road” might look the same to you, but in reality, it makes a lot of difference for Google search engine.

So, if you are taking the help of search engine optimization companies to manage your business information, ensure they enter the right details across all online platforms.

      3. Check Your Contact Number is Accurate

Ensure all of your contact information is entered correctly.  As a best practice, it’s recommended to use a local phone number and area code instead of tracking number or a toll-free 800 number. This is because Google will find it easy to match your number with your address and doing this will help your local ranking. 

      4. Check Your Business Hours Are Correct

If your business working hours have been altered during the course of time, ensure your digital marketing company implements the same changes in your Google My Business site. Also, if there are special hours for holidays and other events, let potential customers know when you’re available. Accurate details will give customers the confidence that they can reach you at the specified time.

      5. Add Relevant Pictures

Images are one way of grabbing your customers’ attention. They help you communicate a lot of details about your business and help you increase your CTR without much effort.

However, ensure you do not add photos just for the sake of it. Since photos will also get featured in Google’s results, ensure you or your SEO company in Mumbai or wherever you are located, adds important photos in the right resolution.

      6. Add a Unique Introduction

Provide a small introduction on your Google business page.  Keep it concise and crisp with just a sentence or two.  Use expressive words that best describes your business to customers.

Google will pick up a snippet from your description to display under your business name in the local SERPs. This will further improve your ranking on the local search engine.

       7. Ensure Your Business Details are Verified

The next step is to verify your business details. You can do this by phone or by regular email. Once Google has verified your business, a “Verified” badge will appear beside your business name on your Google My Business dashboard.

However, if you select the option to “Continue and verify later,” you will be able to make edits to your listing, but your business details will not appear until the listing is verified.

         8. Collect Genuine Positive Reviews and Respond to Them

As soon as your Google My Business page is created, pursue your customers to add a positive review for your business. The more reviews you receive, the higher your ranking will be on the listing page.

In addition, make it a habit of reading and responding to every review. Ask your SEO company in Mumbai or wherever you are located to pay particular attention to the negative ones. If negatives reviews are handled carefully, they can actually have a positive impact on your business in the long run!

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