Digital Marketing Misconceptions that Lead to the Failure of Start-ups
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Digital Marketing for start-ups is considered as a boon today and is suggested to be the first priority for them. However, everyone is not able to reap the benefits from the digital marketing strategy as they have some misconceptions.

Here are few digital marketing misconceptions that lead to the failure of start-ups.

Overnight Success

When business owners approach digital marketing agencies in Mumbai, the list of demands is huge. In the sense, they expect exceptionally quick results within low budget.

However, businesses need to understand that a pillar cannot be built in a day. In the same way, digital marketing takes time to fetch stable results. If you are starting with online marketing strategies – it takes few months to built popularity among masses with an enviable list of followers and fans.

Over Expectation From SEO and Social Media

SEO and social media have gained popularity these days. Everybody is optimizing their page on Google and everyone is creating pages on Facebook and Instagram. However, you can’t make results improve by the end of an initial business meeting.

SEO takes minimum six months to fetch results on Google. Although a slow process – it is an assured strategy to build the credibility of the brand online. On the other hand, social media marketing is a paid medium.  A social media agency in Mumbai cannot increase likes from 600 to 6000 within a few minutes within a less budget. Moreover, it is also a matter of method of approach and plan which in most cases the business owners are unaware.

Hiring a Wrong Advertising Marketing Company On Ignorance

Start-ups need to understand that they have to choose a recognized digital marketing company in Mumbai to get the right approach implemented for the brand. One cannot outsource the work to any normal advertising company out of sheer ignorance.

A reputed digital marketing agency like Spenta will offer a range of services to drive the digital performance of your brand. The digital team will not only catapult your brand into the world of connectedness but will also be there with you all through the steps from content creation, management to planning.

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