Why Google Search Engine is on the Top When Compared to Any Other Search Engines in the World?

Where do you probably go when you want to conduct a search? Well, it obviously has to be Google! No questions asked Google still remains to be the most considered and used search engine as compared to Yahoo or Bing. As a company, you do not need to worry much as SEO Companies in Mumbai are at your service that makes your presence felt in Google search engine. It is quite an understood fact, every company looks forward to getting the top position in Google. However, it is not easy, as you need to be really unique and innovative in your approach. Considering this aspect, a reputable SEO Agency in Mumbai will do everything to ensure you are listed high in the searches with great and proven SEO Services in Mumbai.

There are a number of reasons that tells Google is probably the best and most used search engine among as compared to Yahoo and Bing. If you take a look at the statistics it is believed, a large chunk of people prefer and use Google as compared Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL and so on. This is the major reason why a reputable SEO Agency in Mumbai looks forward to having your site listed high in Google. The other search engines are probably given the second preference. An agency does the ranking work by offering great SEO Services in Mumbai. The SEO services are further offered keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the company. You should know getting high ranking is a slow and steady process. Be patient while the SEO Companies in Mumbai takes the effort for you. You can enjoy the fruits later on.

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Google plays a perfect role of a buddy. It helps you get answers to anything you want. You might have heard people saying, “Google It” when the answer to the question seems difficult or if you want to gather some facts. All these aspects clearly reason out why Google is favored as compared to other search engines. Mentioned are some reasons that answer all the question you have:

Accurate and Instant Results
Accurate and Instant results are the main reasons that tell why Google is most considered one. The Google Search Engine Results Page also called as SERP mainly displays the information that is accurate. It is not that Bing and Yahoo do not offer instant search results. Google tends to offer suggestions in the search engine bar as you are typing. Google’s instant search offers relevant results fast.

No Annoying Ads
Another reason that stands as the witness of the popularity of Google is that it does not have any annoying ads. This further makes the initial search load faster. By the time you are conducting a search in other search engines, the results are already displayed in Google.

Companies Prefer Google
Every company aims at getting high ranking in Google. Though Bing and Yahoo are also major search engines, the prime focus is always ranking high in Google. Once you are listed high in Google’s first page you know you have taken over the online world. Many of the SEO companies in Mumbai ensure your business is listed among the top five suggestions for high visibility.

Let the Numbers Do the Talking
You can let the numbers itself do the talking on why Google is most used as compared to other search engines. Google always emerges out as the winner. It is seen, around 80% of the users are Google while 8% are Yahoo and 6% are Bing, the other remaining 6% is AOL, Ask, and DuckDuckGo and so on. You do not need much explanation as the figures tell you everything! However, the statistics are of 2014. There is every possibility of minor changes, but Google has surely not left the top position.

These are just some of the reasons that give an answer to why Google tops as compared to other search engines. Make your mark felt by listing high in Google search engine!

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