Green Marketing Examples to Get You Started

Whether you are an independent business person looking to secure work or an established brand, are you taking advantage of the green marketing that cares about the environment?

If not, here are some simple green marketing examples you and your marketing agency in Mumbai can try today to start your journey towards greener marketing.

Eliminate Paper Marketing
Printouts, flyers, board banners etc. results in a lot of paper wastage. However, these messages can be easily sent to clients and customers via email. Electronic communications will not only save paper but will also save your company cost of maintaining physical materials.

Collect Feedback Online
If you wish to hear your customer’s feedback, use online surveys instead of paper. Online surveys and feedback forms allow you to engage with your clients and customer. It even allows you to build a rapport with your customers – by running a contest or by offering them a discount coupon. This is somewhat a bit difficult to accomplish with physical forms.

Look At Latest Online Marketing Channels
The latest social media channels are greener communication alternatives you can use. Online channels like Facebook and Twitter help you create an online presence. It helps you to connect with potential customers, which becomes a little complicated with traditional marketing techniques.

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