Grow Your Business With The Help Of Google Adwords Campaign
Google Adword Campaign

Google Adwords is one of the most popular advertising methods used by most digital marketing agencies in Mumbai and worldwide.  Like all good things in life that provide a great reward, a successful AdWords campaign is something that gives instantaneous and best results for your business.

Before you start using Google Adwords to grow your business, lets us see what is Google AdWords

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an online advertising facility provided by Google, where advertisers pay to show concise advertising information to multiple web users.

Google AdWords is split into three networks:

Search: This Adword service is largely focused on keywords.

Advertisers using search network create a set of relevant ads using keywords that people use to search using the Google search engine.  When these keywords are searched, it triggers your ad to be displayed on the web. Once your AdWords ad is clicked on, Google search users are then directed to your website.

This process of advertising refers to pay-per-click advertising. However, each keyword you select has a cost per click (CPC) bid amount. The bids denote the highest amount you are willing to pay each time a user clicks your ad. A higher CPC bid allows your ad to show at a higher position on the search engine page.

Display: These are visual banner ads you see on Google partnered websites.

Video: Video advertising refers to the YouTube marketing platform offered by Google.

Few Tips On How To Use Google Adwords to Grow Your Business:

Utilize More Landing Pages

Instead of directing all click to the same landing page create multiple landing pages with slightly different target audiences.  This method will improve your conversions, and will also reduce your cost per click over time.

Bid On The Right Keywords

Bid on keywords that provide a good return and cast off keywords that have proven to be ineffective.  Use “Broad Match”, “Phrase Match”, “Exact Match” and “Negative Match” efficiently.

This tactic will improve your campaign’s performance and will not turn away potential customers.

Keep In Conjunction With SEO

When you keep in conjunction with SEO development you are able to segment visitors by source, determine which keywords are producing the best results and make data driven decisions.

For best results, ensure you hire an SEO company a Mumbai to work on this task.

Add Content To Your Destination

Do write content that is complementary to your ads. Regular content updates will keep visitors coming back and engaging with your brand.

Evaluate Your Google Account Regularly

No matter what, you and your digital marketing agency in Mumbai need to regularly evaluate your Google Adwords account. Take time to do regular adjustments, and optimize your account accordingly to get best results.

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