How Do You Know if Your Website Is Due for a Redesign?

Do you know how to verify if your website is due for a redesign? Read the below post to gain insight:

Slow Load Time

If your current website doesn’t load quickly, you should definitely have it redesigned. Today the audience is busy and doesn’t have the patience to wait for a website to completely display its contents. Slow load times cause audiences to swiftly shift to another website that offers the same product and service.

Mobile Un-Friendly

Today online users are switching from desktops to smartphone devices. So if your website is not mobile friendly, it’s time for you to try best website designing services in Mumbai to redesign the site. Else you are sure to lose out on a number of potential customers.

Outdated Content

Today customers are looking for fresh content. Apart from buying stuff, they want to educate themselves and read interesting tips and facts. If your website content fails to attract and satisfy your visitors, you are indirectly encouraging them to go to your competitors. Hence, for better results, ensure you refurbish your content and write about things your target audience will be interested in.

Not Getting Leads

If you are in the online space, it’s very important that you get leads consistently. But if your current website doesn’t contribute to the goals of your business, you should ask your website designing company in Mumbai to have it redesigned.

The reason for not receiving enough leads can be many. One reason could be the lack of sufficient ‘Call to Action’ buttons on your site.  For better site performance get an expert advice from an SEO service provider in Mumbai to identify the different ways to channelize leads from your website.

High Bounce Rate

You don’t want to just attract visitors to your website and make them leave from the same page; instead, you want them to stay, browse, and eventually, buy your product. But if you find that none of this activity is happening –it’s a sign that your website needs to be redesigned.

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