SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2017
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As the New Year 2017 begins, search engine optimization companies are getting curious about the latest trends that are likely to shape the SEO landscape over the next year. With the world of SEO changing at lightning speed, it becomes very important for search engine optimization companies and practitioners to keep up with latest techniques and make sure their SEO strategy is in line with ongoing trends. Considering the fact that online usage begins with search, adopting the latest best practices in SEO becomes the key to success for any brand.

Here are a few SEO trends to look for in 2017:

Mobile is the Future
According to research, by 2017, India is expected to have more than 500 million mobile internet users. However, most search engine optimization companies fail to think about mobile users when designing a website or when publishing content.

If you want to target a broad set of customers, you need to start looking into your mobile SEO strategy closely ever than before. Some best practices for mobile SEO include designing mobile-friendly websites, keeping an eye on page loading speeds, avoid using Flash or pop-us, optimizing for local SEO search and so on.

Focus on User Intention
While keywords are always going to play a major role in an SEO strategy, search engine optimization companies should start focusing on user intent as well. As consumers become clearer about what they are looking for, search engines are becoming smarter in understanding the intent behind every query.

This means that digital content produced by brands should factor in what exactly are users searching for when they put in certain keywords. The quality of content will matter more than quantity. This also means keeping a close eye on analytics and constantly tweaking the content based on user behaviour.

Increase in Voice Search Queries
With the rising popularity of Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, voice search is expected to play a critical role in the future. Over the past few years, the technology behind voice searches has seen a considerable improvement in accuracy. As of 2015, the speech recognition technology of Google had an error rate of only 8%.

Consequently, search engine optimization companies will have to move beyond standard text-based queries and include voice searches in their SEO strategies. For example, content should be designed to answer questions of users, which they may pose in a conversational tone. Including a Q&A or a detailed FAQs section is also a good tip to optimize for voice search.

Cross Channel Marketing
Cross-channel marketing allows you to use multiple channels to promote the brand. For example, if a user searches for an item on a mobile app, but does not buy, you can chase them with targeted advertisements on social media or search engines.

With the increased use of mobile devices, cross-channel marketing is expected to grow in 2017. This means brands need to develop a solid understanding of their target audience and their consumption patterns. Accordingly, they need to be present on all the channels frequented by their consumers. In short, the more channels your brand is on, the more likely it is that relevant links will be built to your site, thereby providing higher search rankings.

Closing Thoughts
Irrespective of the changes in technology, the key to successful SEO marketing is to focus on the needs of your target audience and how your product/service addresses those needs.

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