Some Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It is always better to start the New Year on a good note, meaning, fewer mistakes. The digital world is slowly taking the world like a storm. Digital marketing is surely a big thing in the marketing world. With the digital world conquering the marketing world, companies spend a great amount of budget on digital marketing and advertising than traditional methods. Before you take the final step of investing your hard-earned money on various digital channels, it is vital to have a brief idea on what will win the hearts of customers and what will lead you to shambles! Approaching a digital marketing company in Mumbai is your first choice that helps you come out as a winner in all the digital channels.


digital marketing company mumbaiA reputable company advises its clients what are some pitfalls or mistakes to avoid. Follow the formula, “Slow and steady wins the race”. Learn from your mistakes and know what the remedies available are.

Mentioned are some very important digital marketing mistakes to avoid:

No, or Improper Planning

Well, the reason why this mistake tops the list is that it is committed by every novice as well as experienced marketers. Success is all about you only, when you do the proper planning. There is no point in churning out a hefty budget, but getting nothing in return all due to lack of planning. Outlining goals and objectives are all about planning. Proper planning does not include sitting with some of the experts. It can be easily done by listing down your digital marketing goals, objectives, strengths, weaknesses and so on. You should have an idea of where is your hard-earned money going. Proper planning can be done in simple ways:

  • Understanding the market – It is of paramount importance you understand your market well, it includes everything from your competitors, digital marketing channels, customer demographics, target audience and more.
  • Deep analysis – Every company has its strength and weaknesses, know yours by doing a thorough analysis.
  • A defined objective – Now that you have listed your strength and weaknesses, ensure what you are planning to achieve with your marketing objective.
  • Budget – Do not go overboard just because you are able to. Ensure you have a set budget and try to keep it minimal.

Neglecting the Importance of Content

Quality content is always the base and the first step towards the success of your digital marketing. Creating content is easy, but creating quality and keyword-rich content is not. You need to really have a sound knowledge of the same. Hiring professional online marketing company in Mumbai is the best answer to it. The team of content writers will be able to offer quality based content that will help fetch great results. It is vital the content you post is fun, engaging and at the same time informative too. You should have a long-term goal of converting your site visitors into potential customers. Content nowadays is not only about writing paragraphs, it has taken a new turn with video content. It is actually a digital marketing staple and incorporated by many brands. You can create video content on varied platforms like YouTube, Snapchat and more. These are cost-effective and at the same time a great way to engage with your audience.

SEO Algorithm – Nil Knowledge

SEO is quite a vast topic with algorithms, developing every now and then, which makes keeping a track of it difficult. This is where the role of SEO experts from a reputable Internet marketing company in Mumbai comes into the picture. Keyword stuffing in content is one of the SEO methods that is now outdated. Google penalizes every site that has too many keywords, thus losing your visibility. Do not try to cheat Google, as it can make or break your business! Other than this, if your site does not load within 2-5 seconds, you can probably get ready to lose your visitors, ultimately your potential customers. To make your mark felt in the digital marketing world, know that every second counts! It is also important to optimize the images to boost ranking.

Use of Too Many Social Media Platforms

How is your social life? I have my presence on Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and the list go on and on. Being on various social media platforms does not describe your social stature. It is quite known social media platforms are fun, engaging and an effective way to market your company, but having too many can lead you to trouble. It is wise that you focus your digital marketing strategy on certain social media platform only. Some of the common and famous ones include Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. Know your target audiences before you create a social page.

Mobile Customers – Never Ever Neglect Them

Many of the digital marketing experts are hesitant to explore the mobile customers. Smartphones are not only for smart people. You need to be smart to achieve success in your digital marketing strategy. Talking about mobile users, it includes having a responsive, user-friendly and easy to navigate web design. You should know digital marketing is synonymous with mobile marketing. It takes you a step closer to making your digital marketing strategy a success.

Not Engaging With Customers

Your customers need attention just as they have given theirs. Now that your customer has posted a comment, tweet, update or a message, ensure you give a prompt reply. This ensures you care for your audience. In turn, you can expect a lot of visitors and potential customers in the future.

These were just some of the digital marketing mistakes, however, there are many, but these are some of the important ones to avoid. Get to your table and create a digital marketing strategy by avoiding these mistakes!

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