Tips for Designing a New WordPress Website

When designing a new WordPress website, one needs to consider several factors. Given the loads of customization options available in WordPress, it can be a challenge to finalize a website that’s best suited for your business and your brand. In this post, we share some considerations for designing a new WordPress website.

Consider Suitability for Your Business

WordPress offers different design options for different types of businesses. Your choice of WordPress design will depend on the nature of your business. Whether you’re building a website for a real estate business, or a portal for a school/college, or an e-commerce website for a consumer brand, WordPress has something for everyone.

Opt for Simplicity

WordPress provides a wide range of choices in colours and layouts. While a lot of the designs may seem visually attractive at the outset, not all of them will be user-friendly. Therefore, it is important to not get influenced by looks alone; instead one should opt for a simple layout, which is easy-to-navigate.

Ensure Your Website is Responsive

Given the surge in the number of mobiles and tablets, a large percentage of traffic to any website comes from these devices. Therefore, today every website needs to be mobile friendly by default. Apart from providing a superior user experience, mobile-friendly websites are also preferred by search engines. Thus, you should ensure your WordPress website is responsive (one which adapts to different screen sizes). At Spenta Digital, we ensure all our WordPress websites are mobile responsive.

Test for Compatibility with Different Browsers

Different browsers are preferred by different people, based on their preferences. While a majority of users all over the world prefer Chrome, other browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera are also used by many. Therefore, before launching a website, it should be checked thoroughly using browser compatibility tools. Professional WordPress developers have access to tools, which allow automated testing on different browsers.

Use Professional Content Writers

The quality of content plays a critical role in creating a good impression on visitors to your website. Too often, companies make the mistake of using amateur content writers for creating their website content. This leads to issues such as poor grammar, duplicate content and insufficient/inappropriate use of keywords. On the other hand, professional content writers ensure the content is original, grammatically accurate, and suited for your target audience. They will also use the appropriate keywords in the content, which helps in search engine rankings of your website.

Final Thoughts

These are some basic tips for designing a user-friendly and attractive WordPress website. Our professional WordPress development and design teams have extensive experience in developing WordPress websites for diverse businesses. Right from choosing an appropriate design to checking browser compatibility, we ensure each stage is handled with care. We also have a dedicated team of content and SEO professionals to make sure your website has original, high-quality and search-engine friendly content.

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