Value Added Services

QR Code Generation
QR codes or Quick Response codes are used to make advertisements and websites more interactive and user-friendly. Modern smartphones are capable of reading QR codes and executing the instructions built into the code. This enables swift and direct access to the content being advertised or showcased. QR codes may even be used as a functional tool to guide users to a particular website or section of digital content.
Spenta Digital has a dedicated team of programmers and developers who are proficient at QR code generation. Our team is synced with the rest of the organisation, thus linking effectively with the digital content that is being showcased by the company.

Layar – Augmented Reality
Layar is able to help close the gap between print media and digital media. Layar enabled media can be scanned using a smartphone to display digital content associated with the media. This truly ‘brings to life’ print advertisements and allows smart interaction between a brand’s own print and digital media. Layar can be used to add audio or video to print media by simply scanning the code and accessing the digital content. Our team of designers and programmers can help to join this with our digital offerings, helping you make your brand even more interactive.

Flipbook Creation
A flipbook is like an interactive magazine. It allows the display of clickable material such as videos or audio to enhance the user experience. Flipbooks are especially useful as replacements for mundane product brochures or promotional material. When we make flipbooks, we ensure compatibility across all major operating platforms to help target the maximum number of users. The content within the book itself can also be developed by our versatile content creation team. Flipbook content can be further linked to a website, app or any other digital media that the brand wishes to display to the user.

Mobile Based User Interaction
Mobile communication has literally exploded across the globe. Mobile phones have truly bridged the communication gap to geographies that were otherwise difficult to reach using older methods of interaction. Access to information and content is now right there in the palms of hundreds of millions of mobile phone users across the globe. Getting connected to this huge audience should be the highest priority.

At Spenta Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., we have a team that is dedicated to offering the best mobile marketing solutions. Mobile platforms are naturally integrated with the brand’s other digital products to provide a seamless experience to the end-user. We strategically plan campaigns and other methods of interaction to ensure a high level of audience engagement.

With the rapid expansion of mobile internet, we ensure that all our digital products are mobile friendly. Spenta Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. now also provides mobile SEO services. With handheld devices, search engine optimisation becomes even more crucial, as any results listed beyond the first page tend to be ignored by users.

For our other digital products like paid searches, advertisements and web development, we offer services similar to those applicable for our web development business. Being mobile-friendly, we can easily integrate products across both mediums together for a great user experience.
We have a team of App developers to help engage the mobile audience more effectively.

Email Marketing
E-mail marketing is much more than just blasting a large quantity of mails in the hope that there will be some traction in the market. At Spenta Digital Media Pvt. Ltd., we use beautifully designed templates to match the designs used by a brand, thus synchronising the campaign with the rest of the branding activities. Furthermore, we aim to make our products functional across all platforms.

Our team of content experts can produce content that is well-written, well-researched and relevant to the customer. E-mail users tend not to spend too much time reading, unless something catches their attention and it is in these crucial moments that our team is capable of achieving results. We also understand that content cannot be generic, you cannot have a one-size-fits-all approach. Our customised solutions ensure that the right information reaches the target audience.

To ensure the effectiveness of an E-mail marketing strategy, we also analyse the results and track the impact that any E-mail campaign has made. This also helps us refine the contact list of a client to ensure that mails are sent only to those people who are interested in interacting with the brand.