SEO Trends for 2019

With the New Year already ringing into our lives, it’s time to take a look at what’s ahead for SEO marketing professionals in 2019.

Let’s explore these trends in this section:

Mobile Indexing

A large chunk of people are using smartphone these days for their day-to-day task. What does this indicate? You need to master mobile SEO! You need to have a mobile-friendly version of your site, or else Google will index something you can’t show to mobile users.

Voice Search

People are looking for local businesses and services using voice search devices at an increasing rate. Hence, just like mobile optimization, voice search optimization will need more research and implementation by SEO marketers in 2019.

Voice searches tend to be longer than searches done via a keyboard. As a result, your SEO team in Mumbai must concentrate on finding and using such keywords that people tend to use in the conversations.

Video Search

Voice search is not the only trend taking over the search engine; videos are, too. Since videos are a popular information medium, they become an affluent source to attract traffic to your website.

So if you need lots and lots of views on your website, ensure your digital marketing team in Mumbai creates beautiful and attractive videos for your customers.

Local Search Geo-Targeting

In 2019, local search targeting is going to become even more specific. This added precision will mean even more explicit targeted search results. This means rather than targeting a suburb of Mumbai, you may end up targeting the region/lane. More detailed targeting will basically create an improved channel for customers.

Right now, there are a lot of changes happening in the digital world. Hence it’s important for all digital/ SEO companies in Mumbai to stay on top of the trend.

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