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10th Floor, Sun Paradise Business Plaza,
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Clients Reviews

We asked our customers "what is it about our services that keeps you coming back?"

- HDFC Bank

Heena Kaul, Product Manager - Marketing

The Spenta Digital Team is innovative, dedicated and motivated. The app designed for us is much easier to navigate and looks fantastic. I can't say enough great things about the app and about working with you. Your service went above and beyond what we asked of you. Every question was answered quickly and you worked hard to meet our budget and our timelines. Without hesitation, I'd recommend Spenta Digital to any company wanting to create or update their digital space!

- Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta, Holistic Guru

"My journey with Spenta Multimedia now Spenta Digital has been very exciting with their sense of involvement and belonging. Their level of commitment is second to none and I vouch for their reliability in every aspect of deliverance. The icing on the cake is the team is well integrated and absolutely coordinated. Their creative quotient keeps evolving as an on going process. I wish them the heights they deserve to scale and more"

- Redart Capital

Anuj Didwania, Managing Director

"We have been working with Spenta Multimedia now Spenta Digital for almost a decade now and have always found them to be proactive and effective in coming up with ideas and solutions. Excellent execution capability combined with strong ethics."

- Dinshaws

Zervin Rana, Director

For a brand taking its first baby steps towards digital marketing, Dinshaws could probably not have found a better partner than Spenta Multimedia now Spenta Digital. Their support and expertise come along with a dash of humility and strong values which is an delightful experience for any client.

- Forbes Group

Gp Capt Achchyut Kumar, General Manager - Realty & Corporate Communication

If brevity is the soul of wit, I have only this to say about Spenta Digital, "Professional work coupled with efficiency and complete reliability

- Jai Hind College

Dr Archana Ashtekar, Assistant Professor - Department of Biotechnology

Spenta Digital has always worked so diligently, punctually and meticulously for the Jai Hind website from so many years now that I always feel that they are a part of the college itself. They do not have the word “No” in their dictionary.

- Raunak Group

Shyamal Mody, Owner

Spenta Digital has been a great partner in carving Raunak Group's Online brand image through a well designed website and effective search engine optimisation services. They are easy to work with and bring a fresh perspective to our strategy. The amazing team at Spenta Digital managed to get us great rankings on Google for our top keywords and kept us there!

- Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation

Erica deSouza, Director

It's been an extremely fulfilling journey, one which has stood the test of time and we could not ask for a more reputed and competent service provider. From their personalized customer service, to quick response time and full disclosure, they are the complete solution provider.

- L&T Realty

Joseph Cordeiro, Head Marketing

Working with Spenta has overall been a great experience. We have been associated with them for close to 3 years now and they more than lived up to our expectations of being able to focus on returns on investment and quick turnaround times at extremely short notice. They used to have a small team of extremely proactive individuals and have since grown in size and stature showing the same hunger for over-delivering. Great team to work with and strongly recommended.

- Kala Ghoda Association

Brinda Miller, Hon. Festival Director

The website of Kala Ghoda Association has clearly defined the image of this now famous Art District. The design of this website deserves the best skill and attention, as it is one of the most interactive concept based web designs, and is easily accessible to the audience of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Undoubtedly, Spenta Multimedia now Spenta Digital has been instrumental in building the online brand and image of this iconic festival.

- Premier Limited

Erica deSouza, Head Corporate Communications

We have been privileged to have Spenta Digital as a long standing online partner since 2011. They have hand held us through setting up our website, navigating the social media universe and are currently in the process of helping us establish an online presence for our brand.